Create Better Meta Description for SEO – How (2018)

Create Better Meta Description for SEO – How (2018)

do you have a blog? then good. you can earn some bucks online using your blog.


what is the situation, if you are not getting traffic to your blog, then it is hard to make money or to stand as a brand in the market.

for this you have to do search engine optimisation for your blog. in search engine optimisation, meta description topic is one of the important SEO topics.

today I will discuss how to create the better meta description for your blog’s articles, so you can get maximum traffic to your blog, sequentially you can earn some extra bucks.

What is a Meta description?

Meta Description is a short description of your article. it seems to be short, but it fully describes what your article very quickly.

the normal length of the better meta description is 160 characters. we write this in the header section.


you can observe our blog meta description below (it is for example)

<head><meta name=”description” content=”RVKTech is a blog talks about living with blogging. We include Blogger, WordPress, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Make money with your Blog” ></head>

when your website appears on google it looks like


Best Practices to Create Better Meta Description

  1. Maintain meta description length of 140 to 160 characters. it should be unique.
  2. Include your focus keyword in the meta description. by this, you can optimise your meta description.
  3. Include the Action words. by this, you can improve the clicks to your search results. so your CTR will be improved and SEO rankings will be boosted to your website.
  4. if you are using blogger, then you have to write meta description to your blog, under the tab settings -> Search Preferences -> Meta tags -> Description. you can observe the image.seo-create-better-meta-description-blogger
  5. for each article, you have to write meta description separately. in blogger, you can write it at article posting dashboard 
  6. if you are using WordPress, I suggest you install Yoast SEO plugin. this will ease your SEO work.
  7. you can easily add meta description in WordPress using Yoast plugin from article posting dashboard. seo-create-better-meta-description-wordpress
  8. include a call to action like click to learn more, get to know etc. these will improve clicking rate.
  9. write the meta description which matches the content of the article. keep in mind that it is short visual of your content.

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