How to Grow Followers on Linkedin (2019 Connections)

Do you want to grow followers on Linkedin? then this article is for you.

In this artcle, I am going to explain how I grew my Linkedin account to 2019 connections as on 6th April 2020.

I will updates this article time to time when I get some new followers on Linkedin.

Linkedin is a great platform to grow your brand online.

It is different from other social media platforms.

The post will be visible to others around one week.

If you post the post on Linkedin today, that post will be circulate up to one week. That’s the beauty of Linkedin.

On Linkedin, you have to focus more on native content. You have to post the content natively to grow your Linkedin fast.

You have to post to Linkedin regularly to engage with your Linkedin followers.

You have to like others stuff. You have to comment on others stuff. This activity will be available for their followers. So you can get some new followers from this activity.

You can publish images on Linkedin. you can also publish videos and slides.

You can also publish text content.

Let;s jump into the strategies which I am following to grow my linkedin followers.

Connect with relevant persons

Browse the new connections on Linkedin.

You can observe their bio. You will come to know about them. Whether they are suited to follow or not.

Here I am producing digital marketing stuff. so I am following digital markeitng prefessionals, students who are interested in digital marketing, CEOs, Founders etc.

You can get this information from the person bio. people put their information in their bio. so you have to observe the bio and then start to connect with them.

Here you have to follow only relevant persons. You have to keep in mind that quality matters than quantity.

Once you find out the persons to follow then send a connection request. Most of the persons will accept you.

Once you got the accept, then you have to send the thank you message.

You have to start the conversation with the person. This conversation will help you to get the leads and sales.

You will also get engagement for your posts from these persons.

Say Thank you to your Followers.

People also do in the same as you are doing.

You will also get the connection requests.

You can accept them. after that you have to send the thank you message to them.

This will help to build relation with your follower.

You can get the better engagement from these users.

You can do conversation with these people and you can get some leads and sales from these persons.

Engage with others posts

You have to like and comment on others stuff.

This will help to build the relation with that persons. You can also connect with them.

When you like and comment on others stuff, you will be visible to their followers. Then you will get some new followers from this activity.

You have to be natural and you have to comment as positively.

You have to encourage others.

When you put the positive comment on others stuff, they will start like you and they also start to engage with your posts.

Use Buffer to Schedule the Posts

You can schedule the posts for your Linkedin. There is no option to schedule posts on Linkedin directly. for this you have to use the 3rd party tools.

I am using Buffer Tool to schedule the posts on Linkedin.

This will help to produce the content on your Linkedin regularly.

Buffer app is providing 10 posts per day to schedule on 3 platforms for FREE. You can utilize this one. If you want more than ten then you have to go for premium version.

Post Visual Content for better engagement

You have to post the images and videos on Linkedin for better engagement.

If you observe my Linkedin feed, you can observe I am posting images.

This will helping me to get the better engagement.

Now I am not uploading video content but I have plans to repurpose my YouTube content on Linkedin.

I am using Canva tool to create the images. You can create beautiful graphics using Canva tool.

Ask Questions to start the conversations

You have to ask your followers different questions.

This will help to start the conversations.

You will get more comments when you ask the questions.

It will improve the engagement and you will be visible to more persons. You will get some more new followers.

Still if you are not asking questions on Linkedin, start from now to ask questions on your Linkedin.

Post Motivational Quotes to get the better engagement

People love motivational stuff.

It will help them to give extra energy.

You will get better engagement with motivational quotes.

You can create images for quotes using Canva tool.

I am using Canva tool to create these motivational quotes images. Once observe my feed, you will get idea.

You can post these motivational stuff morning.

You can schedule this stuff using Buffer app to publish morning.

Promote Your Linkedin Profile on other Social Media

I am promoting my Linkedin profile on other social media profiles like Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram regularly.

This will help to divert followers from one profile to another profile.

If you have more followers on one platform then you can drive these users to your Linkedin profile and then convert them into your Linkedin followers.

Use relevant hashtags in your Posts to Increase the visibility

Hashtags will help you to increase the expose to your posts. you will get more visibility by using proper and relevant hashtags.

If you observe my feed, I am using around 3 relevant hashtags for my posts.

If you are not using hashtags, start to use these from today.

Utilize Linkedin Groups to Grow Followers on Linkedin

We have groups on Linkedin.

You can browse relevant groups and join those groups.

You have to produce the useful stuff in the groups. You have to engage with others stuff.

They you will get new followers from these groups. here you have to add more value to get the new followers from these groups.

Here is the video tutorial.


I am using these strategies to grow followers on my Linkedin profile.

If you are using any other strategy which is not here, let me know in the comments. It will be helpful to others.

If you have any questions or doubts then drop a comment.

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Thank you for reading.

have a great day.


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