Free WordPress Blog Setup by Venkat Randa

ya, you heard correctly.

I will Setup a WordPress blog for free. but You have to Purchase hosting from my Affiliate Link.

for this, you didn’t charge anything extra.

as usually how much it takes for hosting, that amount will be billed for your hosting and you are getting a free service from me by taking hosting from my link.

you will get one doubt

how will I get benefit from this

I am coming to that point

When you buy the hosting from my link, I will receive a commission from that corresponding company. It didn’t cost you extra.

I will set up the following things in this Service

  • Linking Domain and Hosting
  • Installing WordPress and Configuration
  • Installing essential Plugins and Configuration
  • Installing Theme and Customisation
  • Installing SSL

if you are new to Blogging and Serious about it, then I recommend you to purchase the Hosting from Bluehost.

I Joined the Following Hosting Affiliate Program

if you want to Purchase the Premium Theme, then I suggest you go with WP Astra Pro

once you purchased the hosting from my affiliate link, then you have to send your bill receipt to to confirm for you purchased hosting from my link.

once I confirmed it, I will start working on your Blog.

sounds good, mutual benefit. ya from this we both get a benefit.

have a great day.

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