7 Powerful Ways to Use Facebook to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Last updated on November 23, 2018 by Venkat Randa
Drive traffic to your blog using facebook


Do you have a blog? that’s great news. you can share your knowledge with the world. of course, you can make money using your blog. for this, your blog must have sufficient traffic. in today article I will teach you 7 powerful ways to use Facebook to drive traffic to your blog.

Nowadays, everyone using smartphone and computer. that every person also using Facebook. then why don’t you catch all those persons?

ya you can drive those members to your blog using Facebook because they already engaging on facebook

follow the below tips to drive massive traffic to your blog using Facebook

1. Create a Facebook Page for your Blog

I suggest you create one professional facebook page for your blog. whenever you are writing a new article on your blog, then immediately share that one to your facebook page. by this, you can convert your Facebook page followers into your blog readers.

This not only drives traffic, this also gives a social signal to Search Engines about your blog. it is very important in SEO.

Share the interesting content on your page regularly. use automation tool like the buffer to post regularly on your facebook page. ya, you can observe I am using buffer tool. this simplifying my work a lot.

Share the relevant news and others relevant content also. this gives more value to your followers.

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2. Open Facebook Group for your Blog

having a community is an endless resource for your readers. you can continuously engage with your followers.

create one Facebook group for your blog and invite all your blog readers to this group.

if your followers have a doubt, they can easily post in the group. you or other members can answer these questions. this adds more trust on you for your readers. trust is the number one factor in online business.

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3. Join the Similar Facebook Groups

you can easily engage with like-minded people using the online communities. this can be simplified using Facebook groups.

find out the groups in your niche and send the request to join

after you got the facebook group join request approval, answer the questions asked by group members.

share your knowledge with the group members.

share your known tips to improve their online activity. this will increase trust in you.

then introduce your business and ask them to follow your facebook page or subscribe to your email list. so in this way you can easily convert those group members into your blog readers.

repeat the same process in every group you join

4. Post updates with Image or Video

history saying posting on facebook with image or video bring more engagement than posting only text.

so pick the high-quality images or video and add some short compelling text to your post.

you can get high-quality stock images for free on sites like Pixabay, Pexels etc

5. Utilise hashtags on Facebook Page

Do you know? People also search on Facebook.

in this regard, hashtags help a lot.

observe our rvktech facebook page. you can observe hashtags for the posts. have you think why I am using these hashtags because this is the purpose.

use hastags in facebook page posts

you have to use right keywords similar to your content in your posts. when the users search on Facebook, then there is a chance to display your posts depending upon competition.

try to use 2 to 4 hashtags

6. Insert your blog button on facebook page

creating facebook page is not sufficient. you have to customize it in a proper way.

upload the logo and cover page. write the description.

facebook gives a powerful resource to add your blog URL to facebook buttons

if you observe some facebook pages, you can find buttons like learn more, contact us. when a user clicks on this button, they turn to your blog.

so in this way you can simply convert your Facebook page visitors to your blog.

7. Use Facebook Ads

whatever I discussed above methods are free of cost. but to come result they take some time.

if you want results in short time then you have to run Facebook ads.

you have to pay some amount to Facebook, then Facebook will take care of promoting your posts. then you can get traffic to your blog.

Some more Tips

Post once what you have posted in that week on your page

Share other’s relevant posts on your facebook page

Post the Short text-based posts

don’t post only the links, add some short text to those. it adds more value

Make contests on your blog and facebook page

Post inspiring quotations

Ask the questions. this will lead to more engagement.


Finally, you can get massive traffic to your blog using Facebook for free of cost.

you have to post regularly on your facebook page and group.

you have to engage with the followers

you have to share your experience with the followers. people love case studies. so make a habit to produce one case study every month.

I hope this will help you. if you love this article don’t forget to share with your followers.

Thank You.

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