How to Add Facebook Like Button Widget on WordPress (2018)

How to Add Facebook Like Button Widget on WordPress (2018)


hey, are you running a WordPress blog, that’s great news you can share your knowledge with the world. of course you can make some money from your blog.

writing content on your blog is not sufficient, you have to attract the visitors to your blog, this can do by search engine optimisation or by social media marketing.

if you want to market your blog via social media, you have to increase your followers. in this post I will explain a smart method to increase your facebook page followers. for this follow the below steps very carefully step by step.

recently I have inserted this facebook like button widget on my WordPress blog.

facebook like button widget for wordpress

I will explain that procedure to you.

copy the below code and edit the code.


<iframe src=”” width=”152″ height=”46″ style=”border:none;overflow:hidden” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ allowTransparency=”true”></iframe>

replace page URL with your page address. for example in this code the page is rvktech, so you have to replace this rvktech with your page address.

now you have to paste this code on your blog where you want to display this. i recommend you to place this widget below the content.

for this you can proceed with different methods. here i used the ad inserter plugin. in this plugin i have pasted that code and selected the settings as below the content and center alignment.

facebook like button widget code

ya done, the facebook like button widget for your wordpress blog has been installed. now the visitors coming to your blog, if they like your post they definately hit this button, once they do this, this will add to your facebook page followers list.

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