How to Display Recent Posts in WordPress Blog? (2018)

How to Display Recent Posts in WordPress Blog? (2018)



are you using WordPress for your blog? then you can customize your blog as you want. in today article, I will explain a method to display recent posts on WordPress Blog.

let discuss

before going to adding, we will discuss the advantage of adding this recent posts widget in WordPress

obviously, it increases some more traffic to your blog

you can add some more value to your readers by quickly providing recently produced stuff

in this article, I will tell you what I did to add this widget


to our blog, I displayed the recent posts with only titles as simple

you can also display these recent posts including thumbnails with different styles. for this, you have to install some extra plugins.

what I am discussing now, in this you no need to install any plugin

you will get this option in widget section by default with your WordPress installation. just you have drag and drop.

but remember this display only title of the article with bullets. it doesn’t display the thumbnails.

follow the below steps

Login to your WordPress Admin

at the right side, mouse over to appearance tab, click on widgets.

then you will direct to widgets dashboard page.

there you can find different widgets, from those select the recent posts widget and drag and drop it to sidebar display area.

recent posts in wordpress

ya, recent posts widget added to your blog. now you have to customize this.

click on the down arrow button in recent posts widget, there you will find to display no.of recent posts. there you have to select the no.of posts to display.

ya, you successfully set up the recent posts widget for WordPress blog. but with this, you will get the only title of the article. if you want to display thumbnails, you have to use the corresponding plugin

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I hope this article on how to display recent posts in WordPress will help you.

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