How to Fix 404 Not Found Error in WordPress? (2018)

How to Fix 404 Not Found Error in WordPress? (2018)

hey, are you using WordPress for your blog. that’s great you can customize your blog as you want. there are some common errors arise in WordPress of the popular error is the 404 not found error. in this article, I will tell you a solution to come out from this error.

the 404 error you will get mostly with a mismatch of permalink structure.

if you delete the particular post although it is indexed in google, in that case also you will get 404 error. in this case, you can fix this error by using redirection.

you have to redirect the old URL with new URL using 301 or 302 redirection rule. 301 redirection is permanent, 302 redirection is temporary.

this redirection you can do by using redirection plugin or just by adding some code to .htaccess file.

I will tell you, how to redirect old URLs to new URLs using a .htaccess file.

you can locate this file in your root directory of hosting

in case if you are not able to find this file, turn on to show hidden files. still, if you do not find this file, then create a new file with name .htaccess


to redirect old URL to new URL just follow the below syntax and place this code in this file

Redirect<space>301<space>old URL<space>new URL 

what i explained the method above for particular articles which are showing 404 not found error. in this, you can redirect old URL to related article URL or to a home page.

in some cases, you will get this 404 not found error for all of your articles.

then the reason is some wrong with permalink structure.

when you start your blog first, you have to choose your permalink structure, and you have to use that structure for your blog. in case if you change this structure then this 404 error will be return for every article. in this regard, you have to redirect all the articles to new URL structure.

this can be done using the same file

to set your blog permalink structure, follow settings->Permalinks then select the format of permalinks and click the save.

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